The Inbetween

the inbetweenThe Inbetween is a dark age story of myth and magic.  It features ‘Wild Eadric,’ an English nobleman who lived at the time of the Norman Conquest and was one of the few English aristocrats who did not submit to the iron yoke of the Normans.

Although a documented historical character, there is another side to Eadric which tells of his faery bride and the dire consequences of pitting himself against the dark world of faery.

The Inbetween takes place during the dead month of Yule and foretells the coming of this strange lady who will be both delight and doom to the young Lord.  It is told through the eyes of his mother who is nearing the end of her days and who herself has a mysterious past.

Just a couple of the 5 star reviews from Amazon …

“… a beguiling short tale of the Dark Ages and in its rendering, it echoes some of the Arthurian legends. It’s set in Lynbury Hall at the time of Yule and the old blind lady, Arwyn, reminisces as she receives two visitors, one less welcome than the other …”

“… determination, strong-will, magic, power and adventures will drag you till the end of the book. Sue Kendrick, Please keep writing your beautiful, unusual stories. I am now and forever a fan or your work …”

You don’t have to take their word for it … READ AN EXTRACT!



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