How To Write A Novel & Finish It

How To Write Your Novel & Finish It keeps you on track until the final full stop!

How To Write Your Novel & Finish It keeps you on track until the final full stop!

Did you know that the majority of aspiring novelists never get beyond chapter three and many don’t even get that far?
They begin by hitting the page in a fever of enthusiasm, scorch through chapter one and then fizzle out in a bewilderment of confusion and lost direction somewhere between the wastelands of chapters two and three!
It doesn’t have to be like this! How to Write Your Novel and Finish It is a based on the methods I used when called upon to run a write-a-novel-in-a-day workshop for my local arts festival.
The book leads you gently through the whole novel writing process by helping you to clarify and define your plot, characters and locations.
The structural and organisational skills you will learn, mean you don’t need to sweat blood and tears to bring your novel to fruition!
Writing is no longer a labour of love, but a joyful express of the soul!

How to write your novel and finish it

Kindle edition of How To Write Your Novel & Finish It!

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Reader Reviews …

“I found your course on novel writing very useful. The most valuable

piece of information for me was the part where you told us to have in mind the

person we’re writing for.

This is where I’d been slipping up. Before working through the course, I had

been writing for myself, and no-one else in particular. Now I have a certain

little girl in mind, and I know exactly what I would and wouldn’t expect her

to listen to. The information packed into the seven parts is all you need to

begin and complete your novel.” – Susan Jones

“I just wanted to say thanks for How to Write Your Novel and Finish

It … it was plain, simple, yet invaluable advice – written by someone who clearly

understands novel writing. You have managed to clearly impart some of that knowledge to me, so thanks again!”

  D.J. Paterson

“I have a strange way of working which serves me well in some

instances but can carry me off through the clouds. Following Sue’s suggested

mind mapping technique, does not stop your mind seeking lofty inspiration, but

the concrete display of ideas helps to anchor the feet firmly on the ground.

So, straddling the best of both worlds and once having personified the market

with a single face, it is possible to follow the guidance the course gives for characterisation.

This part helped me immensely. All-in-all a concise, helpful writing tool.”

Karen Baker

“My novel is about half way written and I took your course Sue

because I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing. As a result of your

guidance I queried a few avid reader friends to find out what they look for

in books and I plan to put the results to use when I return to the mystery.”

Helen Dunn

“The e-book pointed out the importance of concentrating on the

drawing up of a time line and building up what you term a ‘mind map’ in order

to see where the writing focus should lie and how to develop the story. It helped

me to sort my characters, and even discard some when I felt there were too many

shoot offs to distract from the true plot.” – Jeanne Lawrence

“… if it hadn’t been for your course, I doubt I would have got

this far. Thankfully I found the course and the novel is trotting along nicely.

Now I just need to work it up to a canter!” – Anne-Mhairi

“I am currently in the final chapter of my fourth novel (It’s

been something of a slog) so your ebook actually came a little late for me.

It did help however during the latest re-reading stages (of many) to look for

some of the more obvious mistakes.” – Michael Kimber


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