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coverLOWreghalfsizeYou may have heard the old adage which says you should never a judge a book by its cover, but the publishing world knows that Old Adage is wrong!

Readers do judge books by their covers. Until they dip inside, the cover is the only information they have to go on and if you don’t grab them with an enticing frontage they will quickly move on!

This is an accepted fact so don’t be fooled by Old Adage and don’t settle for second rate cover templates which are cloned all over the web.

Book covers are vital eye magnates which play a pivotal role in attracting your readers attention!
If you cannot afford a professional designer then Create Your Own Kindle eBook Cover is the next best thing.
Create Your Own eBook Cover is a short, but information packed guide which will lead you step-by-step through the design and creation process.
It explains:

Why you should NOT use ready made covers!
Where to find free or nearly free artwork
Copyright issues and how to avoid them
Genre specific fonts & layouts
Software to use and where to find free versions
Basic design tips


*** STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE illustrated with graphics taken from one of my own eBook covers. ***

Create Your Own Kindle eBook Covers is availabe from Amazon price 77p amazon

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You can get a pdf version of Create Your Own Kindle eBook Covers
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