Scaredy Cats Halloween T-Shirt


These scaredy cats know all about the night of dread and the unseen presences which cause bumps in the night and skin crawling tingles up the spine ...
Printed on top quality, pre-shrunk fabric these shirts come as both unisex and slightly fitted ladies fit.

Unisex: Small, Medium, Large, Ex Large
Ladies Fit: 8-10, 12-14, 16-18

Hot Pink


Scaredy Cats purple t-shirt
Scaredy Cats Red T-shirt
Scaredy Cats T-shirt Hot Pink
Scaredy Cats T-shirt white

While you are browsing here's a gentle warning not to let your imagination get the better of you!

What’s that?
A cat?
A mouse?
This is a very old house!
It creaks and groans
and even moans
when the wind blows chill
rattling the window sill.

Yes, that would be it!
No need to fret of fit,
just the normal sounds
of an old house settling down.

But wait!
Tom is dozing in the barn
and as for mice, they’re safe from harm,
tucked in the wainscot snug and tight,
we won’t see them tonight!
As for the wind, it holds its breath
‘cause, Oh my God, this is the night of death!

The time when those who have gone before
return to earth, hollow eyed and slack of jaw!
Bony fingers point and claw
at twisting shadows on the door.
That creaking step, that freezing air
really does mean someone’s there!

We know without a doubt
that when the lights are out,
the moon will rise above the trees,
the curtains flutter, though there is no breeze!
And a hooded monk, stooped and cowelled
by the window prowls!

Now there’s a lady, all in white,
drifting like gossamer through the night!
And a demonic dog with blood shot eyes
howling in anguish at midnight skies!

Ghosts and ghouls of the long time dead,
we see them all on this night of dread.
But wait! A light is rising in the east!
Banishing the shades of the deceased!

That hooded monk, so long dead,
is just my coat upon a peg!
That filmy lady of gossamer fine,
is really a curtain on the line!
As for the demon dog,
why he’s only a twisted log!

But that mournful howl I can’t explain,
could it be calling someone’s name?
A harbinger of doom it’s said to be,
Just hope it isn’t summoning me!