How To Make Scotch Eggs The Quick And Easy Way!

scotch eggs

You can’t get more savory than this!
A couple of these for lunch will keep
you going all day.

I’ve no idea why scotch eggs are so called, presumably they originate north of the border, but their origins have no bearing on their taste and usefulness as a super protein packed meal.

When my not inconsiderable sized family was small, I used to make or buy scotch eggs as picnic food.  They travelled well, didn’t cause a huge amount of mess and the kids loved them!

Back then, I don’t remember there being a lot of variety, but things are very different now.  I recently attended a food fair and came across a stall selling nothing but scotch eggs!  The sausage meat used to encase the eggs was made to all kinds of recipes one or two of which didn’t contain any meat at all!

So before you ask, yes you can make vegetarian scotch eggs and even use fish as the main coating.  The cheats way of making scotch eggs is to buy ready made sausage meat, preferably from a good butcher rather than a super market which in the light of recent news releases, may contain products you weren’t expecting.

You can add your own flavourings in the form of herbs and spices by slowly combining in a blender with the sausage meat or adding to the coating mix.

All you need is a little imagination and if you’re looking for more quick and simple egg recipes you’ll find them here …


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