What They Say About The Inbetween

thumbIt’s a little over a month since my dark age short story, The Inbetween hit the Kindle books shelves and I’m pleased to say it’s been very well received with no less than seven very positive reviews received so far!

Here’s a few quotes from some of them …

“… a beguiling short tale of the Dark Ages and in its rendering, it echoes some of the Arthurian legends …”

“…lost myself in a quite wonderfully told, rather eerie tale, filled with intrigue and some beautiful characters …”

“…From the beginning I was lost in the magical, but spine chilling, atmosphere …”

“…If ever a tale was written to be told on a winter’s night in the light of a fire’s glow this is it …”

“…A magical little morsel that begs to be read by an open log fire on a winter cold winter’s eve …”  

You can read them in their entirety and all the other reviews on the Amazon Inbetween page.


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