Pack Up Your Bells In Your Old Tote Bag!

Life is Better with Bells On Tote Bag

Life is Better with Bells On Tote Bag

There’s a fair bit of paraphernalia involved when dancing out with the local morris side so rather than stuff drinks, chocolate, camera, purse, spare BELLS, STICKS and HANKIES in a cumbersome rucksack as was my usual want I moved over to a light weight tote bag which can be slung over the shoulder and doesn’t add to the load.

Having just started t-shirt printing the next logical step was to print it up with a defining statement which resulted in the Life Is Better With Bells On tote bag!  Since I’m still quite new to fabric printing there were a few false starts before I reaped success, but I do have a few to sell and will be doing more later when I’ve sourced some coloured blanks.

Life Is Better With Bells On Tote Bag 


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