Mr Squeezy playing his melodeon without benefit of sound!

Mr Squeezy playing his melodeon without benefit of sound!

One of my better Christmas presents this year was a lovely model of a jolly looking melodeon player which certainly hit the spot as I’ve been attempting to play this instrument for the past six years!
Not so jolly was the fact that the model came in kit form and consisted of what seemed like a million tiny pieces of fiddly, hard-to put-together pieces of wood!
I like to think I have some skills in life, but precision work with glue and tiny scalpels isn’t one of them!  Fortunately Mr. K is a dab hand at this sort of thing so many hours later Mr. Squeezy came to life and now thrashes out endless rounds of Winster Gallop, Buttered Peas and Speed The Plough.  (Silently I might add to the relief of the rest of the family!)
Having become a homely fixture, the next step was to draw him out as an image which is where Mr K’s drafting skills came into play.  Once this was created it was a simple matter to create a digital file for printing on a t-shirt. 

Mr. Squeezy goes public on this t-shirt!

Mr. Squeezy goes public on this t-shirt!

It was at this point I realised how small my part was in Mr. Squeezy’s creation so in order to address the balance I wrote him a poem!

Hey Mr Squeezy
I’m feeling easy
won’t you play me a tune
so I can dance.
Let’s kick off our shoes
scare away our blues
Life’s just a game of chance.

Don’t think twice
just roll out the dice
luck will come our way.
You can play me a song
and I’ll sing along
tomorrow’s a brand new day.

Say Mr. Squeezey
Let me down easy
I can see that the sun’s going down,
but that’s O.K.
you just play away
I’ll just keep dancing around.

If you’d like your own Mr. Squeezy T-shirt you can get one here!


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