Are You Struggling With Your Novel?

how to write a novel and finish it

How To Write A Novel & Finish It –
available as a Kindle ebook from Amazon

Almost everyone thinks they can write a novel and almost everyone will fail!  Not through lack of ideas or writing skills, but through poor planning.  It takes tenacity and dedication to add the final full stop to a novel which calls for something more than the feverish enthusiasm engendered by a great idea!

How To Write Your Novel & Finish It is based on the ideas and strategies used by a group of authors to produce a novel in a day for a local Arts Festival.

I had the job of setting it all up and ensuring it delivered on time, which it did! Anyone who is thinking of writing a novel or is struggling to finish one will find the ideas in How To Write Your Novel & Finish it a huge help in clarifying ideas and completing the manuscript in the shortest possible time.
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