Fussy Librarian To Feature The Inbetween

the inbetween

The Inbetween
a dark age story of
myth & magic
featured on the
Fussy Librarian

With the Winter Solstice fast approaching, it seems quite appropriate that my dark age story of myth and magic, The Inbetween is being featured this Friday at The Fussy Librarian.
You’ve probably never heard of the Fussy Librarian, but it’s a new website which offers personalized ebook recommendations.  What makes this different from other services of this kind, is it isn’t a free for all accepting all comers.  This means you won’t be faced with a lot of trash from self deluded writers with more marketing skills than literary ability!
All books listed on the Fussy Librarian have at least 10 Amazon reviews and an average 4 star rating.  The Inbetween has 12 reviews and 4.5 star average so had no trouble getting accepted.
For readers, there are 40 genres to choose from and you can indicate preferences about content such as how much, if any, sex or violence you want in your reads.
As far as writers are concerned, they publish regular newsletters with new listings so another useful marketing avenue as long as your book is up to standard.
Worth a look for both writers and readers, especially with Christmas coming up.  http://www.TheFussyLibrarian.com

The Inbetween is available for Kindle from Amazon. THE INBETWEEN


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