Does This Count As Fame?

lambs for the freezer

All you need to know about keeping and
rearing lambs for home consumption.

Like most writers I prefer writing books to flogging them which means months often pass before I think about looking at Amazon sales stats or reviews.  Imagine my surprise, nay shock when I finally got around to checking on how the babes were doing and finding that Lambs For The Freezer, A Guide To Small Scale Production is being advertised as “collectible!”

I didn’t know such things existed and certainly not for a book that was only published three years ago!  There it was though, listed at £14.99 which is £1.50 more than the normal selling price along with 3 used at £11.33 and 22 new from other vendors starting at £8.03.   

What makes this particular copy “collectible” I’ve no idea!  The vendor doesn’t say. There is no mention of an author signature which isn’t surprising as I only ever signed two copies of this book and I know where they are and there has only been one print run so it can’t be anything to do with first editions either.

Whatever the reason, I’m not complaining.  I rather like the idea of casually dropping out the fact that I am now a collectible author, preferably at some literary lunch littered with publishers and agents! 

Fortunately I have some good reviews to back up my claim which was another surprise as I haven’t done anything to promote Lambs For The Freezer during the last two years. 

Curiously, two of the reviews have been written during the last couple of months.  I would guess someone, somewhere is doing a promotion, so whoever you are, thank you very much!

What they say about Lambs For The Freezer – A Guide To Small-Scale Production

I’m considering keeping sheep and this book has been very helpful for the novice, particularly in pointing out the pitfalls! 4 stars, 19th November, 2013

Having acquired 2 newborn lambs quite unexpectedly I needed some information on rearing them with the possibility of either eating or breeding. Great information, easy to understand, good advice.  5 stars 5th Jan, 2013

Bought for my husband who seems to be learning a lot from this…just as well as the sheep are already in lamb! 4 stars, 31st December, 2013

You can see these reviews and more details of Lambs For The Freezer – A Guide To Small-Scale Production on Amazon.



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