A Matter Of Taste Or A Feast Of Fun?

A Matter Of Taste by Sue Kendrick

A Matter Of Taste – Sue’s new short story to be published 31st October, 2014

Well that largely depends upon what tickles your funny bone! If you like your humour on the dark side, liberally dosed with a generous helping of plunging temperatures, flashing lights, shape shifting walls and the astonishing materialisation of a hot air balloon in the middle of a commercial airport runway then you will definitely enjoy my latest Kindle short story … A Matter Of Taste! It’s central character, Julian has drawn the graveyard shift at the commercial airport where he works as an air traffic controller. Unfortunately for him, the locals have stopped all night flights so he has very little to do except let his imagination run wild!
It is also Halloween and Julian is well aware that the airport

Gone ... but not forgotten!

Gone … but not forgotten!

occupies the site of a Gothic mansion with a very bad reputation!
Just what happens to Julian during that strange and disturbing night will be revealed, on the 31st October, 2014, (Halloween of course!), when A Matter Of Taste will be published on Amazon Kindle.
As it’s never too early to start planning your fright night activities be sure to get yourself in the mood by pre-ordering your copy along with a supply of hearth-warming logs and a couple of bottles of good red!

Pre-Order A Matter Of Taste from Amazon

Pre-Order A Matter Of Taste from Amazon


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3 Responses to A Matter Of Taste Or A Feast Of Fun?

  1. Avatar Ann Williams says:

    Sounds like a bit of a departure from the “old world” feel of the Inbetween and The Digfield Conjuror. The night can do strange things to the brain when one is alone. I wonder, is the phrase “graveyard shift” deliberately chosen?

    • SueK SueK says:

      Yes Ann it is completely different and was great fun to write. I think you may have read it as it appeared on the Arena at one time. Currently working on another Digfield Conjuror story so published this to take a break from writing in dialect!

      • Avatar Ann Williams says:

        A change is as good as a rest, they say. I’ve been without a computer for several weeks so only just catching up but using paper and pencil for a change certainly kept the writing tight!

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