Mr Squeezy

Melodeon Player T-Shirt

Mr. Squeezy goes public on this t-shirt!

The idea for this t-shirt came from a wooden model which I was given for Christmas.
My more talented other half kindly built him up for me and he was quickly named Mr Squeezy!
I loved him so much I wrote a poem for him, the first part of which forms part of the design!
He is printed to order which means lead time is about 7 days.
All sizes available.

Unisex (loose fit)
Womens fit (slightly tailored)

T-Shirt Colours:
Black   White   Red   Purple   Grey   Green

Graphic Colour:
Black or White





... and here's the whole poem!

Hey Mr Squeezy
I’m feeling easy
won’t you play me a tune
so I can dance.
Let’s kick off our shoes
scare away our blues
Life’s just a game of chance.

Don’t think twice
just roll out the dice
luck will come our way.
You can play me a song
and I’ll sing along
tomorrow’s a brand new day.

Say Mr. Squeezey
Let me down easy
I can see that the sun’s going down,
but that’s O.K.
you just play away
I’ll just keep dancing around.