Conversations With Annie

annieandgrandma2Looking after small children is hard work, but there can be unexpected rewards. My little granddaughter was about three years old when this conversation took place and grandma er … just a bit older than her teeth.

Annie: I know, you hide and I seek.

Grandma: I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Annie: Why?

G: Because we’re sitting outside the post office next to a busy road for one thing. And other, a nasty man might come along and take you away while I’m hiding!

A. Would you cry Grandma?

G: Yes I would and so would your mummy and daddy and granddad.

A. And Uncle Dunky?

G: Yes.

A. And Uncle Willum?

G. Yes and Uncle Robert and Aunty Hannah and Aunty Clare …

A. Is that a nasty man Grandma?

G. No that’s Doctor Rolly, he always looks like that. I know, let’s play what can I see. I can see a big flag.

A. I can see a dandylion

G. I can see a fairy

A. Where?

G. Peeping through the branches of that willow tree.

A. Can’t see a fairwee

G. You can’t see him with your ordinary eyes, you have to use the ones right inside your head. Look again, can you see him now?

A. Yes I can! What’s his name?

G. Well some people call him Robin Goodfellow and others Puck, but he has lots of names.

A. I don’t tink his name is Wobin.

G. Oh? What do you think his name is then?

A. Mick!

G. Mick! That’s a funny name for a fairy!

A. But you said he had lots of names!


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