Eggzactly Why You Should Eat Eggs!

eggcupThere are all kinds of scientific reasons for why we should eat eggs, but as I’m not a scientist I can’t comment on the accuracy or otherwise of their claims so will not be regurgitating the pompous sounding rhetoric you may come across on other sites!

My reasons for the passionate consumption of eggs which I and my family consume on a daily basis are as follows:

1.  The very act of walking across dew drenched grass to the hen house to collect a breakfast egg knocks prozac and its ilk into a cocked hat any day!  This is food you have produced yourself by buying and caring for the hens that lay the eggs.  This simple joy touches the soul and makes the spirit soar!

Of course not everyone is in a position to keep their own hens, but there can’t be many people too far away from a good farm shop.  Getting out into the country, breathing the air and connecting with the natural world is well within the range of most people and you will feel all the better for it. hens

2.  Cooking with fresh, farm eggs has a huge impact on the end results!  I well remember during my W.I. days entering a Victoria sponge contest.  Simply by using free range eggs, my sponge was a much deeper yellow than the others something the judge commented on.  She also commented on the number of air holes in the sponge, but I’ve got better since then.

3.  Eggs they say are very high in protein and full of minerals etc, etc.  That’s as maybe, but one thing I do know is an egg breakfast without much in the way of bread and similarly for lunch is a great way of losing weight.  This very simple diet keeps hunger at bay and allows you to eat a normal evening dinner and anything you like at the weekends.

A few years back I some how managed to put on a stone in weight, but using eggs I lost it within four weeks and have never put it back.

4.  So what about cholesterol?  Well what about it?  They say now that eggs do not significantly contribute to cholesterol levels, but I could have told them that without expensive trials!  My father is now 84 years and has eaten at least one egg a day for most of his life.  I and my family are cheerfully following in his footsteps!  Apart from minor coughs and colds we’re all as fit as fiddles.

5.  They taste good!  When it comes down to it, food is all about taste and eggs not only taste delicious in their original state, but subtly alter and enhance the flavour of other ingredients which also makes them one of the most versatile foods known to man!


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