How To Boil An Egg

How To Boil An Egg
Genre: Cookery

If you’ve got an egg, you’ve got a meal - true enough, but you do need to know how to cook it which is what you will learn in How To Boil An Egg ... plus a stack of quick and easy recipes!

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About the Book
We start with a blueprint recipe for boiling and poaching which all the following recipes are based upon. All are quick to prepare, easily adapted to feed a singleton or a horde of thousands and in most cases can be served for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea or as a starter before a more formal meal.Quite simply, the recipes are the delicious favourites cooked regularly by myself or recommended by family and friends.
You will also be pleased to know that eggs, unlike a lot of things we enjoy, won’t have a negative impact on your health. They are one of the most nourishing and versatile foods known to man and recent scientific trials have given them a massive thumbs up as an all round natural food source, rich in minerals and high in protein so thanks chickens, you already knew that!Even better, an egg based meal will keep hunger pangs at bay far longer than many other foods so if you are watching your weight, eggs are a must have in your dietary plan and so easy to incorporate with these easy to prepare and delicious to eat recipes.
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What They Say About How To Boil An Egg!
The Perfect Meal!, 7 May 2013
S. Bowles “Cook Collector (East Sussex, England)

This is a great eggs cookery book – simple, uncomplicated, delicious recipes explained clearly. I especially liked the Panko crusted soft boiled eggs.  pankoeggSimple but impressive looking. Great as a dinner party starter with a little salad or even asparagus spears when in season. The Nettle Soup with eggs and herbs is also very lovely – especially made with sweet spring nettles. If you have hens and have a glut of eggs this is a perfect ‘lets see what I can do with them’ reference. I would imagine that this would make a great present for a student going off to Uni!

Great book with a nice selection of recipes!, 15 April 2013
Hannah Rackham-Sayer

This book has a really good selection of recipes, none of them over complicated.The conversational style makes it a lovely read as well. Some nice photos really do those lovely eggs justice also! Would definitely recommend this book!

How to boil an egg, 14 April 2013
Elspeth Myles
A great little book about how to use eggs in an appetising yet simple way. In her book, Sue gives recipes listing clearly the ingredients needed and equipment needed to help the most novice of cooks. She offers suggestions as to how to adapt the recipes to use seasonal vegetables and gives reassurance encouragement to make changes to her recipes to suit you the consumer.

avocadosHer style of writing is conversational and personal, giving the reader a glimpse into her life and experience. So chatty is the text, that you could easily imagine her sitting across the table from you as you prepare the food, giving you titbits of advice as you work your way through a particularly delicious recipe.
I can’t wait to try the avocados and egg dish.

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About the Author
Sue Kendrick

Sue Kendrick is a freelance writer and author of fiction and non-fiction books including, The Inbetween, The Digfield Conjuror, How To Boil An Egg, Showing Sheep for Pleasure and Profit and Lambs For The Freezer.

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