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How To Boil An Egg … Egg Recipes For Breakfast, Dinner And Tea!

 If you’ve got an egg, you’ve got a meal – true enough, but you do need to know how to cook it which is what you will learn in How To Boil An Egg. We start with a blueprint recipe … Continue reading

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How To Boil An Egg … Or Not!

Growing up in a family like mine, the inability to boil an egg was the epitome of uselessness.  It didn’t matter if you had a masters in nuclear physics or worked as a brain surgeon at Barts.  Intellectual genius without … Continue reading

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Kindle Singles For Unknown Indies? Tell Me Another!

As an independent ebook publisher, (Indie author), I came across Kindle Singles late last year and thought, what a wonderful idea!  It’s a fairly recent brain child from Amazon and very briefly it is a separate Kindle list which specialises … Continue reading

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The Digfield Conjuror

The Digfield Conjuror is a delightful tale set in a by-gone age when life was slower and moved in time with the changing seasons.  Young Aggie’s tale takes place at the beginning of the twentieth century, but the rural back … Continue reading

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The Inbetween

The Inbetween is a dark age story of myth and magic.  It features ‘Wild Eadric,’ an English nobleman who lived at the time of the Norman Conquest and was one of the few English aristocrats who did not submit to … Continue reading

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Introducing The Amazing Aggie Smeeton

One of the perks of being a freelance writer is you get to interview some amazing people.  None more so than Aggie Smeeton.  Not only is she the inspiration behind The Digfield Conjuror, but if she was still on this … Continue reading

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The silence here is absolute. I am quite alone except for a kestrel that has just landed on a grave stone. It looks a bit surprised to see me and I’m a bit shocked too.  We are only a few … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To Me And A Present For Everyone!

I think the hobbits have the right of it when instead of receiving presents on their birthday they hand them out to their guests! To celebrate mine I’m giving away free copies of my Kindle book, The Inbetween. Set during … Continue reading

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Trust In Me

Trust In Me  A3 Canvas Boxed Print (16.5 in x 11.7 in) Features exclusive photograph and inspirational poem Trust in me when the way grows weary, when singing rivers lure the unwary far away from the beaten way, over broken … Continue reading

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What They Say About The Inbetween

It’s a little over a month since my dark age short story, The Inbetween hit the Kindle books shelves and I’m pleased to say it’s been very well received with no less than seven very positive reviews received so far! … Continue reading

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