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Mr Squeezy Gets The T-Shirt!

One of my better Christmas presents this year was a lovely model of a jolly looking melodeon player which certainly hit the spot as I’ve been attempting to play this instrument for the past six years! Not so jolly was … Continue reading

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Pack Up Your Bells In Your Old Tote Bag!

There’s a fair bit of paraphernalia involved when dancing out with the local morris side so rather than stuff drinks, chocolate, camera, purse, spare BELLS, STICKS and HANKIES in a cumbersome rucksack as was my usual want I moved over to … Continue reading

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Solstice … The Beautiful Dark!

Not quite the usual adjectives applied to the Winter Solstice, but don’t think of the winter dark negatively, but as a time for renewal and regeneration. My new t-shirt design aims to celebrates this great time of the year with … Continue reading

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Soul Cakes For Trick Or Treaters

“Soul! Soul! for an apple or two! If you have no apples, pears will do. If you have no pears, money will do. If you have no money, God bless you!” This and other variations of the souling song was … Continue reading

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Get The Fright Night Challenge T-Shirt!

I’m sure most readers of this blog know by now my new Kindle short story, A MATTER OF TASTE has just been published on Amazon which is appropriately Halloween! To celebrate this momentous occasion I thought it would be fun to … Continue reading

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Lady Pamela’s Kiss – Ale With A Bite & It’s Free!

You will have to hurry though as this real ale tipple is the latest brew from my micro-brewery and is a definite limited edition! Just 40 bottles are available which I’m giving away to launch my latest Kindle short story, … Continue reading

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A Matter Of Taste Or A Feast Of Fun?

Well that largely depends upon what tickles your funny bone! If you like your humour on the dark side, liberally dosed with a generous helping of plunging temperatures, flashing lights, shape shifting walls and the astonishing materialisation of a hot … Continue reading

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Folky Pickled Beans

One of the best things about folk clubs is you never quite know what you might pick up during a rousing chorus of John Barley Corn or a toe tapping session of Winster Gallop. Granted it might be ‘flu or … Continue reading

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Beetroot & Horseraddish Chutney

I discovered beetroot and horseraddish chutney last year when I stumbled upon a fantastic farm shop just outside Axminster.  I was actually doing a River Cottage, ‘pig in a day’ course, but that’s another story! The farm shop was in … Continue reading

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The Healing Hand Of Nature

It lies on the edge of the Coleorton valley, 30 acres or so of  woodland surrounding a green hill that can be seen from far away. A quiet and pleasant spot that is just one of several such sites reclaimed … Continue reading

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